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It is no doubt that YouTube alone has over 2 billion users — and each day those users watch a billion hours of video every days, generating billions of views in different channels. Incase you don’t know! That may represent  a lot of ‘billions for your business.’ What’s more, YouTube on mobile alone reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the entire the entire according our stack.

So it’s no wonder that video marketing is on the rise. If you’re dying to know how to tap into the this great power of video marketing, or looking forward to know how to truly setup video ads campaign that generate instant result, then this training is for you. First, you’ll learn and understand what is YouTube advertising and the different types of YouTube ads available in 2021. Then, you will learn how to setup and configure your first YouTube advertising campaign. Finally, let’s discuss some YouTube tricks that can help you make a difference with your YouTube advertising and kick your competitors down. Here is a brief walk through:

Overview Of YouTube Video Advertising?

YouTube video advertising, done through Google Ads, is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so you can maximize your user reach. This could be your video playing before a user views another’s video or showing up in YouTube search results for people to watch in full.

Various type of YouTube Ads

In this training you will be exposed to  some of the types YouTube ads that are highly effective and here you will be learning how you can use the key ones  that matters to your niche: TrueView ads, Non-skippable instream, ads Bumper, instream ads, Sponsored card ads, Overlay ads and Display ads. This training will show you how to take decision in the recommended types of ads by creating your first campaign for effective performance, it’s important to understand how you can configured YouTube ad type according your niche. That way, you can tailor your ad for the format you plan on using it.

Acquire More Customers, Close More Sales & Generate More Cash

Acquiring customers  with YouTube ads depends on your expectations and how you advertise on YouTube will differ. Video advertisements on YouTube can be used to drive these objectives in the following ways:

>Build Brand Awareness: Introduce your product to people who do not know much, or anything, about it yet. Target people who are interested in similar products and areas  you know there are commonalities

>Influence the Buyer Decision: Videos that justify why your product is the best option for your customer, including hard evidence to back it up, convert the best and  capitalize on it

>Grow Sales: Branch out to lookalike audiences that you have never targeted before and test new tactics. Research ways to link your product to others and start growing sales

>Increase Brand Loyalty: Your customers to talk about your product in your videos and show prospects that you provide the best products and services in the business.

Learn How You Can Create Your Own word-class YouTube Advertising Campaign For The Time.

It doesn’t really matter if you already know how to setup video campaign, in this video training course, you will learn and discover advance techniques and strategy on how to create your video campaign and more other relevant ad copy in YouTube Marketing. You will gather more skills in creating a powerful YouTube video ad that are used by top online earners. Every month, YouTube releases a rundown of the best YouTube ads strategy from around the world and you must not stick on the old stuff that is not working. You have to follow the new trend of result driven ad and get the exclusive knowledge to optimize your niche growth using video ads. By unlocking this training, you will learn a lot like how to Upload Your Video Advertisement to YouTube, Configure Your Campaign that the world is using, and how to reach the right kind of the people You Want to reach, taking a decision where you want your ads to show.

The Powerful Benefit Of YouTube Ads

The cost of YouTube advertising differs according to your budget, weather are a big companies, small business owner  and even dropshipping niche. YouTube ads gives you the  opportunity to utilize your budget or capital if  you do not have much capital to invest. Because of the different content format that YouTube is offering and  a very different way of engaging with people. If your  audience for your niche engages with video content better than others methods then YouTube advertising is the best platform to discover ad revenue from.

 >Reaching a massive audience for your niche

As YouTube has close to 2  billion users on the platform, and over 1 billion unique visits that watch video each month, YouTube advertising becomes one the biggest platform that has the potential to reach a large percentage of the population when they are highly engaged.

>Targeting Specific People For Your Niche
YouTube, as part of the Google empire, has a wealth of knowledge, the same knowledge like Facebook. This knowledge of individual preferences and interests can help you in targeting the right people for what you are offering in your niche. This training will teach you how to  fully  optimize your targeting to reach out to the right  the people.

> Data Report
All the  reports that come to  you during your advertising campaigns are in-depth and it gives you  information about not just how your ads is performing  but also those who are interested in your niche. in this process you will get to know the audience who interacted with your content or interested in your niche. What content are they likely to have more interest in or do they enjoy before they go ahead to buy something from your niche? and this is done with help of  Google Ads and Analytics accounts together to get more information all this will be shown to you in this course.

>Maintaining Users Relationship and flexibility
Taking time to create relationship with your visitor who visited your website and shown interest in your business is very very important – this where you need to build a relationship with them. As part of the Google suite, remarketing can help you target people with ads if they have visited your website, meaning that you can lead them back to your website, build trust with them, and hopefully make a sale in the future. One important thing you must know is that YouTube advertising is not static; YouTube is constantly making changes to improve service and so can your ads changes as well. You can change your strategy, your targeting, your ad schedule and ad copy, etc, make sure  you get the most out of your advertising budget with YouTube and this is part of what our training will also give you by helping you to know how to  program and setup your  ads over time to evolve and  reach the potential  audience for niche.

What Are The Benefit Of Unlocking This Training With Us.


grow your traffic

grow your leads

grow your revenue

grow marketshare

grow your profit


This course is different from all popular course online. Try it and see the different in your Facebook ads campaign results.

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The world of internet has made simple to become  more and more connected with the rest of the world every day. thanks we are able to  reach the  world through  the internet.  This  world today is a global village, we now have the opportunity to make money in a variety of new ways, and YouTube is one of them. It doesn’t really care  whether you have an ecommerce niche or  an entrepreneur operating any niche and  looking for new ways to make sales, or you’re interested in a full-time YouTube career, you’ve likely been wondering how to make money from YouTube of over  2 billion users.

This training  was created to show you how  to walk  through all of the information that you’ll need to know if you want to know how to use YouTube ads to make money from YouTube. At the end  of this training, you’ll know everything about making money on YouTube and adverting your product or services to create brand awareness and make sales, and you’ll be able to grow your own online  business niche with one of the biggest Internet platforms in the world today using a proven strategy.

This training focuses on people who have interest in driven huge sales online through YouTube. It doesn’t matter the type of niche business you are running, or you’re just looking to learn how to make money from YouTube because you’re interested in creating video content or managing channel, it’s a great idea to run a store in addition to your channel. If you’re already running your specific niche  business like ecommerce or or service business or probably any business that add value to peoples life, you can promote your store and your products in both your videos and your channel description  to get more lead. It’s a great way to generate more to your business. If you haven’t already choose a niche you want, this is the right time to take  decision to choose  a better  niche and start running your business to optimal growth. Once you’ve got your business up and running and your thinking of making money from YouTube, then this is a great opportunity and a great way to start.

As you’re  researching how to make money with YouTube, one thing you must stick at your finger tips  is that, you are open with everyday competition  with other entrepreneurs  competing  for traffic and revenue. There will also be full-time YouTubers who are fighting for the attention of your audience. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re creating content for your ads, You can only stand out from the crowd by creating enticing and engaging video thumbnails and titles with world strategy. Remember, YouTube is a heavily visual-oriented platform, your video or ads must be persuasive and ready to convert to draw the attention of more users to view your videos or ads.

The audio and video quality of your content can also play a major role in your success. You’ll want to portray your brand in a positive, professional light, so your video content will need to be high-quality. You can  beat the competition by taking advantage of  this training to learn the big skill on how to create a highly compelling video or YouTube ads for massive result than you ever expected.

Here's What You Will Achieve In This Training By Checking This Out ADVANCE YOUTUBE ADS STRATEGY.

You will learn how you can to create a winning ads that will single you out of present day online marketing competition on YouTube, to drive more traffic and to get more sales. This training will give you a pro idea and skills on how to use various options in YouTube to setup cost effective YouTube Video Ads campaigns by using perfect and powerful campaign strategy to turn around your business and acquire more customers to boost your revenue and increase your profit from the start. It is a training center that will guide you step by step and show you how you can create a powerful and compelling YouTube Video Ads and optimize your niche performance to dominate your marketplace using a proven formula.

To achieve profit in digital marketing in order to take your niche to the next level and achieve optimal growth, you will need to know what  the world is using, what is working correctly and how to use correctly and this training is where the whole secret is review in a simplified manner.

Who Is The Advance Facebook Ads Strategy For?

 Business Entrepreneurs…
who want to grow and scale their business by taking advantage of  digital marketing strategy in todays world.

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to increase high productivity and best performance.

Digital Marketers…
who want to get as many clients as they want by leveraging the cutting edge marketing strategy.

who want to acquire best in-demand skills to achieve their dream jobs or career for 8 figure growth.

Anybody who is interested In Making Money Online…
If your are interested acquiring advance and strategic digital marketing skills to your market space in the emerging economy of today.

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Really advance and simplified course, I have been looking for. Optimal Grow Niche is a niche expert, I have completed 2 course and it was perfect to my satisfaction . will be back for more.

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This training delivered exactly as promised. I did not get many conversions in the past, but now I get more results as desired. However, a missing huge information landed me in trouble with my YouTube ads... due to how attentive I was in trying new techniques I took this course and it gave me a new space in my campaign result, I give this course 5 stars!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It help you to connect with your audience. a compelling Ads that play on or run next to YouTube videos can help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way

You have the all time available to you finish your training.

To fully optimize your niche and dominate your market place for massive sales.

Still Thinking Of What Is Inside? Here's The Course Breakdown:

This Training video is organized in step by step, topic by  topic,  and tool by tool in easiest way possible  using the  most effective tools in shortest time ever. This training contains 20 HD training  organized in video sections and other special features:

Section 1: YouTube Marketing Basics

Video #1: What Is YouTube All About?

Video #2: What YouTube Can Do For Your Business?

Video #3: Shocking YouTube Marketing Facts To Consider


Section 2: Marketing On YouTube –  Step By Step


Video #4: Creating a YouTube Account

Video #5: YouTube Walk Through

Video #6: YouTube Channels

Video #7: YouTube Creator Studio Walk Through

Video #8: Start Advertising On YouTube

Video #9: Marketing Tips To Consider

Sections 3: Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategies


Video #10: YouTube Partner Program

Video #11: Live Streaming With YouTube

#12: Smart Way To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Video #13: How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing

Video #14: How To Get YouTube Videos Ranked

#15: Using The YouTube Trending Feed For Market Research

Video #16: YouTube For Developers

Additional Tips To Consider

Video #17: Do’s And Don’ts

Video #18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider

Video #19: Shocking Case Studies

Video #20: Frequently Asked Questions

Other Special Feature

YouTube SEO Ranking: Complete Course

Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business: Advance Strategy

How To Start An Effective YouTube Business Channel: Advance Course

Well, it is time for you to start getting the most out of YouTube Marketing.


This exclusive training and services are for business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in creating a business and  who are also  interested in scaling their business online to generated leads and massive income. Be reminded that all results for business owners, entrepreneurs and individual are not typical. Therefore, since results varies there is no guarantee of income success. Our training and services is to support our audience to achieve optimal growth in their specific niche. By subscribing to our service, we give you online education, online tools and training to make your business becomes profitable despite the ever seen  online marketing  competition. Your earning potential will solely depend on your individual effort, skill level,  commitment, dedication and efforts, and the ability to use and follow techniques and strategies provided to you, as proven by our various clients. Otherwise there is no guarantee, implication or promise that you will earn any income at all. The success of every business lies in the power of deep commitment of business owner to achieve optimum growth……

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